True Web Privacy is Now Here
As Private as Possible
As Anonymous as You Want
Completely Secure and Hacker-Proof
And 100% Hidden from Prying Eyes


Let’s face it – sometimes, you want to be 100% private and secure in your online activities.  It doesn’t matter if it’s conducting your online banking in complete privacy, looking into what your government is up to, or anything else you don’t want others to see.


Guardian is a completely private web surfing environment that lets you surf the web anonymously, and once you’re done, allows you to completely vanish and wipe all traces of your activities, as if the session never happened.


The beauty of guardian is the flexibility it affords. It’s a simple-to-use, secure environment that has its own browser, and saves nothing once the session ends. There are no bookmarks, cookies, or any trace of your session.

Although our design seems simple, the foundation of the system relies on our proprietary set of tools, anonymity protection technologies and our complex algorithms to keep your identity hidden.

Use Guardian Your Way, Every Day.


Guardian Becomes Your Safe, Secure Place

To further help you understand this, think of your normal web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, or whatever else you use) as a fully furnished room, full of bookmarks, cookies, and other mementoes of your activities. It has windows and doors, and everyone can see inside.

Now think of Guardian as a stark, white room with nothing in it, ever. And no windows or doors.

Sometimes, you want to be in the furnished room. It’s comfortable, and you know it. That’s where you Facebook from, where you read the news, where you manage your fantasy football teams, etc.

But sometimes, you want to be 100% private. How often varies by user. Some users use Guardian for certain web activities (banking, etc.), and others use it all the time. It’s totally up to you.

Hackers, Thieves, and Other Spying Eyes

Here in 2014, the sad truth is that Guardian is very necessary.

To start, there are hackers who are so clever that they can infect your system just by you visiting a webpage. If you are lucky, the only thing that will happen is your data is wiped out.

Why is having you data wiped “lucky”? Well, alongside those hackers are the thieves, who want your credit card number, the passwords stored in your cookies, or worse. Imagine going to your online bank account, and seeing you have a zero balance…

This happens all the time.

Who’s Watching

We’re far from tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorists, but the recent NSA news about spying on citizens both in the US and abroad has to be worrisome. It’s pretty clear that engaging in certain activities online, or visiting certain sites, is going to trigger some type of suspicion.

Where is the line drawn? That’s up to you to decide. But if you feel that you’re anywhere near it with your beliefs or activities, perhaps a safe surfing environment like Guardian is exactly what you need.

And what about older systems using Windows XP?

If you use Windows XP, you know Microsoft has ceased to support it. This means it’s extremely vulnerable. Given a choice, you do not want to be online with a Windows XP machine. That said, many companies do not have a choice. They have older proprietary software that only works with Windows XP, and they aren’t ready to replace it. And even some home users still love XP, and never saw a need to give it up. That’s great!

But either way, Guardian is a must-have.


Why do I need the privacy Guardian offers?

Good Question. Have you heard about Snowden incident or any of the NSA’s encroachment into our private lives? Take a look at a brief synopsis of this article.

Three Degrees of Separation: by Kenton Powell and Greg Chen


Cell phones, laptops, Facebook, Skype, chat-rooms: ALL allow the NSA to build what it calls ‘a pattern of life’, a detailed profile of a target and anyone associated with them. And the number of people caught up in this dragnet can be huge.

You don’t need to be talking to a terror suspect to have your communications data analyzed by the NSA. The agency is allowed to travel “three hops” from its targets — who could be people who talk to people who talk to people who talk to you.

Facebook, where the typical user has 190 friends, shows how three degrees of separation gets you to a network bigger than the population of Maine.

Number of Facebook friends:  50

1st Degree: Friends


More than all U.S. Presidents – 43

2nd Degree: Friends of Friends


Capacity of the Metropolitan Opera House – 3975

3rd Degree: Friends of Friends of Friends


Actual Population of Maine – 1,328,361


Let’s answer some questions about Guardian

Where did Guardian come from?

Guardian was initially developed for a private business entity that wanted a completely secure surfing environment. And it has continually proven to be the absolute best defense against anything the internet wants to throw at it – viruses, hackers, spyware, malware, IP tracers… anything.

Why haven’t I heard of it before?

The non-disclosure agreement we had with that company is over. We can now make Guardian available to anyone.

Can I use Guardian with my current browser?

No, you cannot. Sorry. Your current browser (it doesn’t matter which one) is not secure. Guardian is its own secure environment, and comes with its own browser. That’s what you surf with when you use Guardian.

But my bookmarks and logins…

Bookmarks and logins are part of the reason browsers will never be secure. We suggest using Guardian for those times you want to be 100% secure (like banking), and your old browser / bookmarks for when you just want to goof around online.

Does Guardian keep cookies for next time?

No, it does not. When your session ends, it is wiped clean of everything. There is no trace of the session even existing.

What about my IP address?

100% hidden. Guardian uses a proprietary IP address that is untraceable back to you.

Can I still log into websites like my online banking?

Yes, but you have to do so manually. Guardian will accept session cookies (many of these sites will not work without that). But when you leave… poof, gone.

How much is Guardian, and how can I get it?

Great question! Guardian is annual fee of $47.00 or about 12 cents a day.

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FREE OFFER – We want to thank you for at least reading about Guardian, so we have a free Android App for you. This security app, which we call “go away” will keep your phone from even ringing when an unknown number calls you.
That’s right – if the number isn’t in your contacts, your phone won’t ring.

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